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I like pie and art, yeah I said it PIE IS AWESOME Pie Stamp by anime-dragon-tamer
Copyright Statement 3 by SophibelleCopyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
MY favorite Deviations to their respected creators.

Heart - Free by KawikuThe little love birds by Rock2001Heart - Free by Kawiku



By: :icontheeundeadwolf: my friend I will always be there for you.

Bamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-SlayBamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-SlayBamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-SlayBamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-SlayBamboo divider 3 - [FREE] by Neko-Slay

My favorite Hedgehog:
Heart - Free by KawikuSummer aproaches WIP by AstronoviHeart - Free by Kawiku

My favorite Raccoon:
Heart - Free by Kawiku:.Collab.: ~The little water princess~ by AstronoviHeart - Free by Kawiku

My favorite Wolf:
Heart - Free by KawikuAnti the Wolf by AstronoviHeart - Free by Kawiku

My favorite Cat:
Heart - Free by KawikuKara update by AstronoviHeart - Free by Kawiku

My favorite Blue Footed Booby:
Heart - Free by KawikuBURD by AstronoviHeart - Free by Kawiku

My favorite Fox-Linx:
Heart - Free by KawikuPolexia the Fox-Linx by AstronoviHeart - Free by Kawiku

My favorite Tiger:
Heart - Free by KawikuTigre prey by AstronoviHeart - Free by Kawiku

My favorite Closet raider: SO CUTE!
Heart - Free by KawikuOasis in Rilliane's clothes by AstronoviHeart - Free by Kawiku
By The lovely, you guessed it: :iconastronovi: I love you~Heart - Free by Kawiku


For my baby :iconastronovi:
The Brightest FireI will follow you home into the velvet sky where blue birds chirp and the stars dance, where the sun hangs by a string warming the world and everything around it. I will follow you into the dark abyss if only to hold you for a sweet second. I will follow you even if I am not worthy to follow you home I will try. If I am not allowed through the gates of heaven I shall wait there for you until they allow me to pass, even if I have to stand there until the end of time it self, and the sun dims. I shall not fail you, nor will I ever stop loving you in the sweetest of ways, let love not be a battlefield anymore but a meadow in which we can watch the stars at night and wonder what is out there. We may be small in this realm of life. But our love burns brighter than all of the stars in the sky.
I love you~
Compression, Tension, and Gravity~may we be together forever and ever, let no one tear us apart, the love we have felt these two years the sorrow that compressed us and the anger that created tension, the force of gravity off of a 13 story building will never hurt more than a broken heart. May we never suffer from the wretched feeling ever again. May we be happily together until the stars you love grow dark, may we love each other even in the darkness and contrast of the light from the pathway to Heaven, I love you, no matter what happens. I always have, and always will. Vibrant Rainbow.I look up and see the monochrome rainbow and it haunts me, but as I keep staring I see the black and grey being chased away by vibrant color of red, yellow, purple and red, as well as other colors. I look and think the love of my life has painted my rainbow with one elegant stroke, she made my heart grow and return to the vibrant red it once was. I now see the world not so grey though I know in my head the world is horrible I feel better whilst looking at it, I see the love of my life and she sees me. She kisses me, holds me, and loves me. I have never felt so happy. She said I am her other half, that she wants to live her life with me. We have our back against the ocean and we face the world, the world we will leave a lovely mark upon it before we pass away when we grow old, I would like to die whilst holding her hand. She is mine and I am hers forever and always we stand against impossible odds. We love each other more than a human being possibly could. she is my heart I have given h To my Friend I'll shield you from the stormPlease I know your sad but please don't be in despair, you don't deserve it, I love you I know how you feel but I'm here for you and I always will be I will be there,  ill hold you till the hurt is gone Ill turn that rainstorm in your mind into a rainbow.
To my best friend.
My Best friend...My Guardian Angel....My lover....She is my best friend, she helped me through the agony and suffering.She helped me up when I got knocked down. She was there for me
She is my Guardian Angel....She protected me from the darkness inside me, and the banter and hate of others. She lifted my spirits.
She is my Lover, she hugs me....kisses me...loves me she breaths life into me and makes me feel colorful and important....I matter to her...she sees the real me....and she loves the real me...she colored my grey streak in the sky she made a rainbow out of love and care...she wiped away my tears.....she said yes....when I asked be mine......
Never forget my love for youI could not  bare to walk out the door on a fateful day when we may be at a cross roads where you can go anywhere but you won't go with me. I have nothing but you and an ancient love, for you. For you I would create black steaks in the sky to give you a canvas to paint, I would open the clouds so you may see the stars at night, I would pick for you a thousand strawberries everyday, I would give you all I can, I would give you everything maybe not in a flash but as much as I could, I know others can give more but you chose me. You say you chose me for my heart, and I believe you, because when not crooked I can be very kind, I will never leave you for not even a vixen or siren could fill my heart the way you do, I would die if you left, I would die if I left, I cannot live without you. You make my world go round. No one could fill my heart the way you do my love, I would wait for you no matter where I go, I speak in soft french to you, I tell you I love you and I am not lying, I do Deep love of Maple brown eyes.I cannot wait until I can feel you, your skin against my own your lips against mine, our fingertips gently compressed, our hands together and our eyes meet as a sweet time goes by we still stare deeply into each other's eyes as we find ourselves truly in love. We shall never have anyone else but each other, we shall wade through it all just to press our lips against each others and feel our affection for each other,  an affinity for love and devotion to each other that no one will truly know, I do wish upon myself a longing for you, your beautiful brown eyes that looks like a leaf falling as it's life passes away, your sweet lips so smooth, they make silk feel rough, your hair soothing as it falls in my face , your skin so cool in the summer and hot in the winter, your body more perfect than any other, your shape, your size all beautiful you are the definition if not the replacement for the word beautiful. You are the only women for me. The only one that matters, the only one that Fire born silkI give my love to you like fire born silk, we shall sway in the wind but not be swept away by it and all who attempt to break us shall have a hard time as we are stronger than steel, Our love is brighter than any fire made by man or God, as we watch the sun set on this world we feel it rise in our hearts, I love you not matter what happens. Paint my love.You can paint my love any way you want it. You can shape my love anyway you want it. You can make me your lover and your man. I think I just fell in love with you~
I was sitting there one day just like any other when she came I wanted to be her lover I see the cords I see the vibrations I see her heart beat fast. She makes me smile she makes me laugh she makes me feel like a whole nother
You can paint my love any way you want it. You can shape my love anyway you want it. You can make me your lover and your man. I think I just fell in love with you~
You saw me just standing there staring at your beauty, you laughed, I blushed and the whole world saw the poem I wrote for you. I passed out and when I came too you stared me in the face and I kissed you.
You can paint my love any way you want it. You can shape my love anyway you want it. You can make me your lover and your man. I think I just fell in love with you~
Oooh the world will never be the way I want it, it will neve
Atop this green hillWe sit atop this green hill as the sun sets. A perfect moment that seems impossible outside of those sappy romance movies in which we indulge ourselves. I see your hair...that beautiful brown hair flow in the wind as you look at me with those beautiful eyes of yours. You hold my hand and when I ask you to be mine, you excitedly say "Yes"...I smile widely as a tear falls from my eye, and you kiss me ever  so sweetly and breath life into me, the thief who stole you in the not distressed anymore, I feel alive again and you complete me as no other ever could, I star into your eyes and you stare back into mine. We feel the light breeze pick up and we kiss once more before we are now one, in heart in soul we are one, promised to each other forever and ever the only woman I could ever love, loves me.
I love you~ Audra Miller you are my everything.
S'il vous plait etre a moi pour toujours~Je ne peux pas attendre pour passer ma vie avec vous un rêve de marcher sur la route avec vous et personne d'autre que je vous embrasse, et vous tenir Je vous porte me à notre destin J'aime pas d'autre que toi Je m'inquiète pour aucune autre, mais vous vous avoir mon coeur mon âme et mon amour pour toujours, je ne vous demandera que tu m'aimes en retour mon bel ange vous a amené à moi depuis le ciel comme il a fermé et vous m'avez donné la vie quand tu m'as embrassé et m'a amené à une très sentiment merveilleux, je t'aime, pas d'autre, j'aime pas d'autre mais vous, et plus que le monde lui-même.
S'il vous plaît être à moi pour toujours ~
Young and beautiful~I try to ponder what will happen when I grow older, I like to think I am sitting next to the love of my life looking at the fireflies that will pass us trying to find what we have and I think all the while she won't be young and beautiful, she won't be young this is true but I will always find her beautiful even when she grows as old as time I ask the lord that we call "Father" to let me come with her and be with her in the fields of Heaven above as we can be young again. I will ask her if she loves me as we are about to die in each other's arms, and as I wait for her answer I see everything we have done and I will think of her as we slowly pass away. But we may pass from he realm of life as we shall enter through the gates of heaven I do know that her being young and beautiful is not why I love her as that will pass and she won't be that way, I will always love her regardless, she makes me feel like life is just a trial that we will pass but I also think that our love is not a trial a I'll be your poison~I'll be the Poison that you drink to keep you alive~
I'll be the one your voices tell you that you need~
I'll be the bad habit that you can't get rid of~
I'll be the demon in this sick and twisted affair~
I'll be the one who gives you wings when you fall from the sky~
I'll be the one to give you control of your love and life~
I'll be your desire~
I'll be your dirty little drug that gets you higher than life~
I'll be your poison, I'll keep you alive~
Let love not go!~Love is any things, things we don't understand. Love is what we wish we could feel but always thought it was reserved for first class, We thought we would never have it. We felt we didn't deserve it. I myself don't understand we can have love if you have at least on friend who makes you smile all the time someone you like, go for it tell them. "I love you" Go ahead because if that person makes you float when you are down and makes you smile when you are sad and blush when you get over joyed at being around them if you have looked into their eyes and soul and see their heart then you know you can tell them you love them. I have that. I have love and it burns bright and hot. I can never not be around her I can never not be near her. I can't stand every moment when we are not kissing or saying "I love you"  I cannot stand it I love her and I have placed her heart in my chest and she has placed mine in hers. She never put anyone else's heart there before this I know for a fact, it is

For the one....that I broke...:icontheeundeadwolf:
These poems were for her when we held each other dear to our hearts.....they still are for her...
Til the trees turn to ashTil the trees turn to ash I will follow you.
Til the trees turn to ash I will care for you.
Til the trees turn to ash I will hold you til the hurt is gone.
Til the trees turn to ash I will warm your heart
Til the trees turn to ash I am yours.
Til the trees turn to ash and beyond I will love you.
Til death do us partTil death do us part, I will make you happy.
Til death do us part, I will do all the little annoying things that make you laugh and smile.
Til death do us part, I will call you all the time.
Til death do us part, I will make you feel sexy.
Til death do us part, I will make you feel wanted and important.
Til death do us part, I will Hold you.
Til death do us part, I will be the one to kiss you.
Til death do us part, I will tear the head off any asshole who grabs your ass.
Til death do us part, I will make the hurt go away.
Til the end of time, I will promise to be yours.
Will you be mine?I may be angry at this moment, but i am comforted by a loving soul, her name is Casey, I love her very much, I know what love is. I see the heart in this girl and that is what I look at, I am not selfish I only wish you bring happiness into this world, I have promised my self to her. I will stay with her as long as she wishes. I hope to bring her happiness.
Casey I love you so very much I would like to ask you if you would be okay with me promising myself to you. I love you, more than just about anything.....except for Klondike bars!not really I love you more than those too, I want no other women, I realize that now. So I ask you to be mine forever! Will you be mine forever?
Side note: No i do not mean marriage
The day we metAs I sat by myself wishing to have her back in my arms, I found myself thinking I have lost the only person I could ever love. What I did not know, is that I was wrong. I could love again but I did not know it, so I found myself crying not able to control the waterfall of tears falling from my eyes and dripping from my cheeks. I thought I was the one who failed her, but in reality she failed me. I sat there as a voice from behind me said "Hello, why are you crying?" I turned to look and found my self memorized at the person I would soon fall in love with. I did not respond I just sat there staring at the comforting face of the women to possibly be my true love. tears kept falling from my cheeks but the wrenching feeling in my heart was gone but only for a moment as I thought to myself " No it won't happen, I will be alone forever". but I yet again was wrong and now I think that losing the women I thought I loved was supposed to happen, not through gods will or any other but through my To the love of my life Crooked heartsI know I have a crooked heart I know I have a crooked Smile, but all the while loving you as never been so sweet I know that you hate feeling sad so I shall lift your spirits with a finger and give you a encouraging hand, I may always be crooked but i will always love you with my little crooked heart and give you all I can give as I know you are crooked like me I hope to help you pick up the pieces, and give you a breath of live every time I kiss you, I love you, I have from the beginning and will continue to love you, I will walk with you until the trees turn to ash and still keep going if only to kiss you and make you feel human I love you~

:iconhiviann: For my special friend.
Special friendEu sento aqui e penso que estou muito solitário, mas eu vejo uma pessoa muito especial na minha frente. Uma pessoa doce que parece se importar sobre mim mesmo que nós só conhecemos um ao outro por alguns minutos. Sinto-me melhor o meu coração já não me dói e eu me sinto livre, mais livre do que eu já senti. Eu sei que agora eu já não estou sozinho e eu lhe agradeço. Que possamos continuar amigos muito tempo depois as folhas mudam de cor.

:iconkiara-the-moon-tiger: *hugs* You'l find what you are looking for.
You will find love~The strangling vines on your heart in which you are fighting are nothing but a temporary thing you feel the same way I have before lost in a drowning black abyss of death and surrounded by torrents of depression and thoughts of being alone however there is an Angel for us all in which we shall find and be alone no longer you have to carry on or be swallowed by your sadness. Love is a beautiful thing you just have to find in the hellish world we live do not give up, do not give into the sadness just try to carry on and you shall find that person who will love you like no other and be yours forever, if you just look there is someone out there who is in love with you and might not even know it. Try to find that person to be your Angel, and you shall be happy forever. Just find someone who cares, and you shall know who wants to be with you forever and cherish your beauty in a way no one else has, just look and you will find.


excited happy by AddMediaSHADOW SHRINE!~I am Shadow so~excited happy by AddMedia

SHADOW by GaruGiroSonicShadowShadow the Hedgehog by ka1513-2Darkness and Shadow by ka1513-2.:shadow returns:. by missyunaSonic Adventure 2 - Shadow by icha-ichaSHADOW THE HEDGEHOG - Prologue by icha-ichaNever Turn Back by icha-ichaShadow on Ark by icha-icha

 Listening to this cause I am bored.
I am Shdaow the hedgehog according to allot of quizzes so. 
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Heart - Free by KawikuHyper stamp by AstronoviHeart - Free by Kawiku


I-love-you by KmyGraphic:iconastronovi:I-love-you by KmyGraphic

Love Audra by KmyGraphic

Everyday Im Shuffling by Rovas117

When I freak's pretty bad. omg........ by Heidelmeier17

I am a very feminine boy from California I love poetry, drawing, and chick flicks, also ice-cream. I live fairly happily in the fields of this flat and rocky state that I live now, Kentucky. I for some reason would like to wear a skirt at some point in my life....yeah I am weird. I love my girlfriend Audra, she has been there for me for two years and never gave up on me, she said I am her other half, Oh, Olaf by Tumthe3 this I know is true. I love her though I am not religious, Atheist Stamp by Kezzi-Rose she and I get along just fine we don't argue over it at all in fact I would be happy to go to church with her because seeing other cultures including a very common one here would be exciting. I may live in the "Bible Belt" in the U.S.A. but I still respect her opinions and not just because I am in love with her. I respect her in every way. There are very few things we disagree on so we are pretty good. I love her with all my heart and have for two years. I am her princess (though she says I am the masculine one in the relationship) and no one can say otherwise. I hate it when people lie to me, so don't lie because shit will go down fast, so bitch please Frozen - Sven Icon by Matchstar tell the truth I don't like haters so I drown them in love unless they hurt my little hedgehog. Note to you all: if any of you hurt :iconastronovi: I will rip your head off I may look cute and innocent (not really that cute) I can get nasty really fast. I love learning new things and I think I could do a good job with any school system on improving ideas for education (though I don't want to be a teacher) I want to join the U.S. Army and go into the Rangers 75th regiment light infantry. I am fun polite and nice, I try not to be mean when people deserve it but I can fly off the handle when it comes to certain things, (like my little hedgehog) Have fun on my page I hope to be friends with you~ by the way I am complicated, and no I am not gay just feminine, I am completely straight thank you very much, though I do not have a problem with gays. I love you all have a nice day!~
I like making fan art for bleach and sonic
Invader Zim - Gir the reaper by HerzyDIshtar
FAN OF SILVAZE Giant Faint by Web5teR
I DID NOT MAKE MY ID DON'T SUE ME~! Doublefacepalm Cat by rosariocentralplz
Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara
Heart - Free by Kawiku:iconfatethehedghog943:Pixel: Red Heart by apparate:iconastronovi:Heart - Free by Kawiku
Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara

I am a Pandaren! Pandaren Monk by triumviratusok

As we look at the light in the day, we don't see the fray on each-others emotions, but i see, i see through the crowd I see through the polluted minds of the world. I see through it all and i see you, I would withstand all of hell to make it to you, just look at you, just to hold your hand, even if it were to end right there, and i never see you again, it would be bittersweet to do so. You see, I cannot tell if you see me, But i know at-least for a sweet second we locked eyes, and at that moment we locked hearts, hearts to give, hearts to share lives to create, and a love to bare.

I love you~

Noah Mumford.

two and a half hearts? by SwireMau5
When I go to school and the teacher asks me what I learned I go
I didn't learn anything - Loki by caycowa School Ain't Over Patrick by malfunit

The interesting subject of sex.


:iconblue-gplz::iconblue-rplz::iconblue-eplz::iconblue-aplz::iconblue-tplz: Tom Hanks "Forest Gump" by Deniszizen That's all I got to say about that.
For people who will break my heart

Patrick Star Stamp by UneasilyInfluenced


Currently Waiting to Become an Officer in the U.S Military Rangers 75th Regiment Light Infantry
Stamp - US Army by MauserGirlUS Army Rangers by mildirk
Princess Bow Divider by SunshinewishPrincess Bow Divider by SunshinewishPrincess Bow Divider by Sunshinewish
I love this woman I have loved her since June 5th 2012, She has been there for me and is the only reason I am alive I love her with all my heart. She is my Angel she cares for me as I do for her. I love you Miller. You are my only, and to hell with everyone else. I will be with no other but her forever, and fuck the rest of you who hate me for it I love this woman with all my heart.
Love and Commitment Stamp 7 by InfiniteIterationsGirlfriend Stamp by StuckOnSandAndBugs:iconastronovi:Girlfriend Stamp by StuckOnSandAndBugsLove and Commitment Stamp 7 by InfiniteIterations
This Woman is beautiful and loving courageous she cares about others before herself she has such strong faith which I admire even though it is in religion I find it beautiful, she has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, she makes me happy she makes me smile....and she loves me. Me and her are like Silver and Blaze. I belong to her and she belongs to me. Forever and always.
Princess Bow Divider by SunshinewishPrincess Bow Divider by SunshinewishPrincess Bow Divider by Sunshinewish
Dripping Blood Heart by CyphonRoseNAME: Noah
Dripping Blood Heart by CyphonRoseSEXUAL ORIENTATION: Straight Pride Flag V.3 by Blues-Eyes
Dripping Blood Heart by CyphonRoseLOCATION: America Flag by Blues-Eyes
Dripping Blood Heart by CyphonRoseTHEME: Trying not to love…
Dripping Blood Heart by CyphonRoseRELATIONSHIP STATUS: Fiance~ :iconastronovi: I love you Audra Miller~
Dripping Blood Heart by CyphonRoseHOBBIES: Poetry, video games, books, and physical drawings.


Wife: Heart - Free by Kawiku:iconastronovi:Heart - Free by Kawiku

Daughter: Toddler Ella by Astronovi (I know this technically does not count but this is my Daughter~NO BOYS ALLOWED)

Stuff I love~
SEGA Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Point Commission Button 1/3: Dark Fan by Donhill44
Domestic Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Sonic animation by oxOXNamineMayXOxoTails - Art Stars by mnrART

Pearl Girl - Steven Universe by Raveneesimo Pearl by Toodles3702 Pearl by bluupanda Pearl by ChelseaDanger
Pearl by Mad-Hattan PEARL by yosilog Heart - Free by Kawiku pearl by Solstice-Rose Heart - Free by Kawiku Pearl by tiosmio25 Pearl Stamp by FedoraBow Pearl Stamp by Twinky-05 Pearl Funny Face Stamp by Twinky-05 Pearl Stamp by Super-Marcos-96 Pearl Stamp by FedoraBow

My favorite Video Game Character~ John Marston~Bad-ass Motherfucker
:star: revamp by KawikuJohn Marston Drawing by Toner44rblx:star: revamp by Kawiku
Far Away by KanizoJohn Marston by jamgoremediaMy side was given by paperpistol
Jeff the Killer Stamp by Kyoichii Jeff The Killer Stamp by PPSMisia Jeff The Killer Stamp by PPSMisia Jeff The Killer Stamp by PPSMisia Jeff The Killer Stamp by PPSMisia
HUGS and KISSES by KmyGraphic
Laughing Jack Fan Stamp by underneath-infinity Laughing Jack Stamp by SnuffBomb

Sonic Couple stamps

Silvaze stamp by Amystarzel Jetwave stamp by Amystarzel Smart SonAmy Fan by Vincintblaze Knuxouge 4 Ever Stamp by I-Love-Tails21 Sonamy stamp by Amystarzel SHADRIA Group Icon for *Shadriarever's club! :3 by KakshiKoyangi


My favorite Sonic Couple
Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool Silvaze stamp by Amystarzel ~Silvaze~ by Reina-wOlf Silvaze stamp by Amystarzel Heart Love by Weapons-Expert-Cool

Hat Problems by SwireMau5

My Music~ Another headbanging mau5 by SwireMau5 Massive Music by Web5teR
Nickelback Stamp by Veiled-Studios Owl City Stamp v2 by Dekaff STAMP: Sting Fan by DarkJediPrincess nirvana stamp by maryduran Green Day Stamp by josephhaubert The Rolling Stones Stamp by Voltage7625 Beatles Stamp by rheall Seether stamp by Kamishu ACDC Stamp by ZacNewton deadmau5 by tehmemories Three Days Grace Stamp by JetProwerTheFox Hot Chelle Rae Filmstrip by SpyNumber738 P.O.D. Stamp by darkdissolution Metallica by nostu Queen Stamp by poserfan Katy Perry Stamp 6 Animated by Dekaff Avril Lavignee by gottagetnexttoyou Marilyn Manson by Chistokrovka Billie Holiday by godsdirtyangel Rock Your Body by Adams18 Aerosmith Stamp by Voltage7625 Guns N Roses Stamp by Voltage7625 Led Zeppelin Stamp by Voltage7625 The Eagles Stamp by Voltage7625 Scorpions Fan Stamp by Kira-JMCStyle
Music Note Divider (PnkYlwBlu) - F2U! by Drache-LehreMusic Note Divider (PnkYlwBlu) - F2U! by Drache-LehreMusic Note Divider (PnkYlwBlu) - F2U! by Drache-LehreMusic Note Divider (PnkYlwBlu) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
Happy by bokadokapokacitizen k shoot I by Adams18MR Sexy Back by Adams18Happy by bokadokapoka
Skull/cross devider (gift) by tea-heeSkull/cross devider (gift) by tea-heeSkull/cross devider (gift) by tea-heeSkull/cross devider (gift) by tea-hee
Skull/cross devider (gift) by tea-heeCharlie Daniels: Motorcycle by GuyGilchristSkull/cross devider (gift) by tea-hee
Proud American by GhostSpeakerCharlie Daniels band, IS BAD-ASS!Proud American by GhostSpeaker
Rainbow cloud divider by ArtsyAndreaM Rainbow cloud divider by ArtsyAndreaM Rainbow cloud divider by ArtsyAndreaM
I'm A Gamer Stamp by TwilightProwler Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts I talk to myself... by prosaix Not a pussy by prosaix Nudity Stamp by gemstone71552 I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw Real women have... by PrincessFlaw Stamp: Sex by 8manderz8 Different strokes for different folks. by ZeroGravityCroquet Shut Up, Government and Gaybashers by RingtailFox Stamp - Nobody's Business by MauserGirl Stamp - Bullies Suck by MauserGirl {Warning} by xXtoxic-infectionXx {I Know How You Feel} by xXtoxic-infectionXx {I Love Being a Bitch} by xXtoxic-infectionXx {I'm Not Mean, You're Just A Sissy} by xXtoxic-infectionXx {Underestimate} by xXtoxic-infectionXx {Bad Attitude} by xXtoxic-infectionXx Hot Chelle Rae Stamp by KitKatQT Pajamas Stamp by Worldincoffee Writers Block Stamp by Khrinx teddy stamp by findyQ The Procrastination Stamp by Busiris Internet Love by Pirate-Liz Web Love Stamp by ShadowXEyenoom Stamp: Frustrated Stamp #5543509 by 8manderz8 Stamp: Commission - Exploiting Hardships by 8manderz8 Whatever Happened To? by NOKAPIplz I love my girlfriend by ZizzyBlack HotGf Stamp by Eyesofthewind I Support My Girlfriend Being by wocket-in-my-pocket My Girlfriend Is Sexxxy Stamp by OckGal My Best Friend Stamp by RecklessKaiser
I love being Feminine stamp by rhr-forever Girly DA Page Stamp by Mel-Rosey Stamp: I refuse. by 8manderz8 a much needed stamp. by HavokPanda cuz I don't wanna be killed by Clelius real men identify as men by BaconMagic My Girlfriend is a Gamer Girl by d-shade Online Girlfriend Stamp by FlashyFashionFraud Religion stamp... by DarthzeroProductions Stamp: Only an idiot-premarital sex by Riza-Izumi Stamp: Only an idiot-masturbation by Riza-Izumi What makes you think ALL hets can have babies? by Little-rolling-bean Stamp: The fuck...? by Catthylove Krav Maga Stamp by TheStrategos Pink and Girly Stamp by mfcreative Glitter Rainbow Girly Stamp by Ewig Age and respect Flashy version by GaussianCat orange is the new black stamp by sahwar I love Pusheen the cat. by Fellmekke Hyper stamp by Astronovi Don't Mess With Texas by RedBigTex I Support My Mom by Armor-of-Fire Regular Show Stamp by Ventarix Mordecai Stamp by FreezingIceKirby

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Which X-Men Are You?
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Are You The Sun, Moon, Or Earth?
Are You The Sun, Moon, Or Earth?
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Which Happy Tree Friend Are You?
Which Happy Tree Friend Are You?
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Which Disney Princess Are You?
Which Disney Princess Are You?
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What Kind Of Pony Are You?
What Kind Of Pony Are You?
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Luchiakingdom Featured By Owner 28 minutes ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch! :heart:
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FateThehedghog943 Featured By Owner 24 minutes ago  Hobbyist Writer
NP easier to get back to you this way. 
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hehe me too :D 
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Awww~~ You changed your webcam!!
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Well you gave me a badass webcam and I love it thank you my love~
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:iconawwwplz: :heart: Chu welcome~
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I'm going to make this simple, Im going to keep my distance from you till I feel confident in you, Don't expect me to be buddy buddy with you.  Okay so Imma keep my distance with you and you do the same kapeesh~? 
FateThehedghog943 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I am not looking for trouble but don't make any for me and I won't make any for you.
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